Safe Online Dating - Top Tips For Happier Dating With Qeep

Enjoy safer online dating with qeep. Read our step by step guide to help you get the best online dating experience. Top tips for you, plus up-to-date help and advice.

Online dating is popular with people across the globe. It's a positive way to encourage vibrant online communities that can lead to lasting friendships and relationships. Like everything else in life, a few people want to spoil things for the majority, some of these individuals being experienced scammers. Online dating with qeep doesn't have to be risky as long as you take a common sense approach and have realistic expectations. If someone is promising you the world, they are possibly after something other than your heart. Bear in mind that for most people, online dating is a great experience, something to have fun with and meet interesting people. To help you stay safe and healthy, check out qeep's tips to help keep you safe, online and offline.

Qeep online dating is serious about keeping our users/members safe, and we always encourage you to take personal control of your safety. While the following tips are there to help you, they are guidelines only and can't give 100% protection against lousy online actors. It's about you managing your own online dating experience by applying key steps to safeguard you. Online dating with qeep is a fantastic way to make friends and develop a community; it's about achieving a healthy balance, and qeep is always happy to support our users with this.

Online Activity

Your Finances

What you do with your money and how you manage it is your own private business, but scammers can present as entirely genuine and are sometimes willing to play a long game. An example of this involves the scammer messaging you for a period of time that can run into months, as their purpose is to build up trust and act it out as friendship. After a period of time, they hit you with an emergency of sorts that needs urgent funds. Scammers use various reasons and they can range from a child needing life-saving surgery to being robbed. Things can accelerate from therein, with requests for money to cover rent, as well as food and medical bills. Essentially, these tactics are applied to appeal to an honest person's sense of decency. To avoid losing monies that can usually never be traced, let alone recovered, consider the following:

  • Never wire or transfer money - that's the last you'll see of it
  • Don't send money to help someone out 'temporarily' - they won't pay you back
  • Avoid doing favors that involve making online purchases
  • Don't forward any packages to another country - why can't they do it?
  • Report incidences like these to qeep
  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission -
  • Let your State's AG know of scamming activity

Fake Personal Profiles

Maintain realistic expectations when chatting on qeep. Scammers know how to tap into perceived vulnerabilities and one method of how they do this is devising phony profiles. They invariably use fake photos, and place themselves in the high category for earnings, have neither interest nor involvement in politics, and have an occupation that appeals. Be aware of these actors by considering the following:

  • Get researching! Check out Google image searches
  • Fake photo found? Report their profile to qeep
  • The web can be effective for research if you have doubts about a profile
  • Refine your research by inputting 'online dating scams' and their name

Your Personal Data

Always message and chat using qeep. Be rightly suspicious of anyone who wants to message you privately in no time at all and get access to your email or cell phone details. If you want to email someone, think about setting up a separate email account that you use only for this purpose.

  • Never share financial data, including bank and credit card details
  • Your social security number is no business of theirs!
  • Don't share your home/work locations with people you've never met
  • Keep your email/cell phone data private - set up separate email account as an option

Being Web Savvy

To get the best online dating experience with qeep - after all, it's supposed to be fun - be wise to inappropriate online behaviors. Use your judgment well and don't hesitate to block and report users/profiles to qeep if you are suspicious of someone. You'll be keeping others safe, too.

  • Inform qeep whenever you see/experience suspicious activity
  • Maintain your conversations using qeep - avoid users who want to private message immediately
  • Scammers prefer phone, text and email

Suspicious Activity and Terms of Use

Qeep have Terms and Conditions of Use, which include the prohibiting of specific online behaviors. Be on your guard for the following types of misuse that you should report to qeep.

  • Minors using qeep - immediate and unequivocal violation of Terms of Use
  • Harassment and abusive messages
  • Inappropriate behavior after meeting face to face
  • Phony profiles and fake registration data
  • Users asking for photos
  • Spamming and solicitation for business purposes
  • Soliciting for money, including donations

Offline Activity

It's thrilling to meet up with a new person and can be a positive experience as long as key health and safety guidelines are applied. Be mindful of the principles of staying safe and well and you're more likely to get the most out of online dating with qeep. We never want you to needlessly put yourself at risk.

Get To Know Someone Prior To A Meet-up

Before you even think about arranging the first meet-up with someone, always maintain your communication using qeep. Even without face to face discourse, over time you can get an impression of a person. One of the common features of lousy actors and scammers is they'll want you to leave qeep quickly - they may even declare undying love into the bargain. Someone who is genuine and has nothing to hide will, usually, be happy to communicate without pushing you into private conversations that access your cell number and email address. Ultimately, it's your responsibility to do your research thoroughly, with a good mix of common sense and personal judgment.

Meet In Public - Stay In Public

You've been communicating using qeep for a while now but nothing beats a face to face meeting to get an impression of someone, including getting good or bad vibes. Online dating is one of the best things to come out of the internet, lending opportunities for friendship and personal relationships to everyone. Like most things, there can be a flip-side and taking into account qeep's tips can contribute to making your meet-up experience truly memorable for the right reasons.

  • Meet in a populated place - if anything did happen, chances are someone would remember you
  • Never agree to meeting/going to a private place/residence
  • Any pressure from your date and it's time to leave
  • Use your own transportation, whether your vehicle or cab - good for quick exits and keeps you in control
  • Keep friends and/or family members informed - where you are going, who you are with, your contact number and your date's details

Sober And Savvy

While alcohol can alleviate nerves for some of us, it can also impair judgment and create a false sense of well-being. It's wise to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum and always make sure that if your date offers you something to drink, keep in mind the following.

  • Accept a beverage that you can open
  • See the beverage being prepared by someone else, eg a barista or bartender
  • Never leave food and drink unattended by you - drugs like GHB have neither color nor odor and can render a person unconscious

Staying Healthy

Bear in mind it's entirely reasonable to have honest conversations with your date about sex - before actually having sexual contact! Include in your discussions how many partners both you and your date have had. Checking out when either of you was last tested for STIs should also be on the table. As some STIs are curable or treatable, if you or your partner has contracted an STI, it's necessary for both of you to receive appropriate treatments to prevent re-infection. In other words, it is always in your interest to be honest regarding your sexual life and status.

  • Vaccinations - possible for some STIs and your clinician/sexual health clinic can advise
  • Know your status - get checked regularly, as some STIs are asymptomatic - keep a copy of any test results
  • Protect yourself with use of condoms/other prophylaxis
  • Use protection consistently
  • Some STIs can be contracted from skin contact - examples include HPV and herpes simplex

Resources For You

In an emergency, including threats of violence and acts of violence/sexual violence, as well as imminent danger to yourself or others, always contact 911.

Sexual health clinics can provide advice and information on STIs, and there are free testing options available that offer total confidentiality.

For advice and support relating to physical and/or sexual assault, you can check out the following organizations for assistance. They all offer 24 hour helpline support.

Online dating is popular because of its inclusive appeal. Staying safe and healthy while having a great time meeting new people is about achieving a balance predicated on personal judgment and factoring in qeep's safety guidelines. Always be mindful that you can have the best online dating experiences with qeep by taking responsibility for your safety. Stay in control during your online and offline interactions and, most of all, enjoy making new friends and building community with qeep.