6 Million Qeepers

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December 14, 2010


Hey Qeepers,

We have grand news – Qeep has reached another milestone, as of today we have more than 6 MILLION users! NUTS… WE KNOW!!! It was only 2 months ago when we were celebrating our 5 million user mark and now in a very small time span we celebrate even further growth of the qeep community!

So exactly what is 6,000,000 users?

If considered separately it is more than the population of Ireland, Norway, Costa Rica & Singapore just to name a few.

Kind of scary hey… well let’s just say that 6 million is a lot of people and if we were to connect the dots of every person on qeep, it’s fair to say we would create a picture that covers almost every corner of the world! :)

As the end of year approaches this is a particularly good way to exit, it can only get better or should we say bigger in 2011! See you at 7 million!

Your Qeep Team



Qeepmaster is not user friendly. See Mig33, they ban ID but after few requests they also unban it. But once qeepmaster delete ID, he never give ID back whatever you were a greatest qeeper or were online whole the time since 1 year. So how qeep will be popular? This is my point.


qeep is ausome, i like qeep…..


Well, i dnt need to introduce coz im the ultimate user of qeep nd qeepmaster knws me very well…congrats qeepmaster for reaching 6 million users under the qeep community..i think this community gonna great challege to facebook,myspace,socients etc..
Sam The Punjabi Rapper..SAM707


i love qeep.amazing product of chat.



We Respect You So, Congrats!

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