Qeep 2.0 – What’s new? Lots! ;)

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March 24, 2010

We are always busy with improving Qeep and its usability to offer you the best mobile networking and gaming experience possible. So what’s new on qeep?

As you probably noticed, we’ve made some server updates to improve the qeep experience. Qeep’s running faster and stronger so you can “qeep on” at full speed – night and day.

Also, we’ve added new icons to the games section to show you which tables are busiest. The more people in the icon, the busier the table, and the busier the table, the sooner the game starts.

Lastly, we’ve added a new feature to the photoblogs. Did you ever wonder who is actually checking your pics and following your photoblog? Now you don’t have to wonder anymore because can see who does! No matter if it’s a secret lover, your friends or random Qeepers, you can see a list of people following your photoblog. Just click on “my followers” in the Photoblog section of qeep.

We hope you like the changes!

Have fun and Qeep on!

The Qeepmaster



Goood Qeep Team … Thats Cool :)


WOW! Great features, though i ve already noticed them and after expriencing just came here ;) thanks qeep team. The most hearing problem of qeep is slow working and annoying Disconnection problem. Hope they will improve it more and more. Its cool to use qeep :) WASALAM


Hi qeepteam, please add checkers game as soon as possible. A new pak IM added this game in their applications even i tried the application. I want to see the game in qeep.


i love qeep, am a qeep fan.


Qeep is tha best


Qeep is the best way of meeting interesting people.




qeep is awesome but i cant optimize my lg ke970 shine :/

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