Another million and a NEW game – we’re making the holidays fun

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December 17, 2009

Screen1Wow, time’s going by fast: 3 million users! That’s incredible, especially when considering this means 1 million more users in just about 6 months. And the credits for this go to YOU! Thanks for making Qeep so successful.

So today we want to give something back to you! That’s why we’re launching FlipChip, our newest and already fifth game on qeep! In this strategic board game, each token has a white and a black side. The goal of the game is for each player to try to turn their opponent’s tokens over to his or her own color by surrounding them with his or her own tokens. The player with the most tokens wins the game. Like with all our multiplayer games you can play this game just for fun or for real cash against other qeepers. Just check it out on your mobile! We’re pretty sure you will like it ;)

Happy Holidays from all of us here at qeep!!



love it because im making new friends


We want chess game in qeep. It will the best game if you add it and qeep will more popular. Everyone,like this game as well as its a popular game all over the world.will you add it?


Hey, thanks qeep team for the flipchip game. It is very funny and puzzling game. Though very hard but i am now in hall of fame. Thanks qeep team for adding this game and thanks qeep team for their working hard for our better way to chat and playing game in qeep.



I love QEEP


I have a suggestion.
I want that qeep team will add a new sound attack of “ASSALAMUALAIKUM”.
Its a muslim expression when they meet,they say it each other before talk which means “PEACE BE UPON YOU”. So please upload this sound attack. I saw “happy christmass” “happy new year” etc. Sound attack. Thats cool. There are many muslims in qeep. They will be pleased with “SALAM” sound attack. Qeep team members, please, think about it. I and all my muslim brothers are waiting for your kind reply.


I like qeep n i love online games


Wow guyz i see everyone is happy with qeep i hope qeep u wil make me fil happy too


i love you qeep

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