Qeep turns 500,000 and already has 2 users!

Author: admin

October 21, 2008

Wait… that doesn’t sound right.  Let’s try that again:

Qeep turns 2 and now has over 500,000 users!

It’s qeep’s next milestone – 500,000 – a new record.  There are now half a million of you all!

This new user record is a great birthday present to us.  You all are the best. =)

We can hardly wait to see what number we’re at for next year…

Greetings from the party,
your Qeepmaster



Happy Birthday Qeep! We all love you because you are the best social network on mobile . . . Fact!

Adeuya Folakemi.

I wish to be a recognise member of qeep

Adeuya Folakemi.

I love qeeq because you are one of the mobile social network ,i wish to associate with you

Sam Fisher

congratulations for qeep and qeepers, qeep is the best..keep it up..

my qeep’s name : Why-So-Serious?

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